Hot! Cold Comforts

The Deluxe Café Moree Cold Comforts ice-cream van is for sale. This is a terrific little business suited to a sole operator. It is cheap to run and working hours are minimal while profits can be big if van is utilised to its full capacity.  All products used are easily sourced with one supplier based in Moree and another that delivers weekly. As well as scoop ice-cream, Cold Comforts is also equipped for milkshakes, thickshakes and iced treats like iced coffees and iced chocolates. There is also room for expansion. There is also room for sno-cones and confectionery as well as packaged ice-cream. This is a business that can operate just about all year-round in the north-west. It only closes down for about one month per year during the heart of winter. Phone or text Bill on 0448 203621 or email or inbox on Facebook to Bill Cindy Poulos. All details below!  CCForSale002 The Vehicle We have for sale our 2004 diesel Mercedes Benz Sprinter ice-cream van with automatic transmission. This is a former ambulance van that has 184,000 kilometres on the clock. It is registered until August, 2017. It is mechanically sound in every way and is regularly serviced and maintained by Hill Fitzsimmons, Moree. It has been morphed into an ice-cream van that serves scoop ice-cream in cones and cups as well as cold drinks. The body is straight with no dents, apart from a couple of slight scratches here and there. Accessories include a high-grade bull bar with spotlights and fully adjustable top-of-the-range driver and passenger seats. There are also three specially fitted spotlights on each side and back, a remnant of the van’s ambulance days. These are ideal for events at night. It is fitted with two air-conditioners – one that services the van’s cabin and the other that services the back of the van and working area. There is an overhead music pack that plays several different “ice-cream tunes” for street vending as well as another unit that can play music from a thumb-drive as well as FM. There is also a microphone jack and mic if this is ever needed at any type of event. Both these sound units have exterior speakers mounted above the driver’s cabin. Van001 The Ice-Cream Side of Things There are two good-sized 12v/240v freezers that can hold approximately 80-100 litres of different flavoured ice-cream between them. It also has a milkshake mixer that is powered by a 12v/240 inverter so it can be used while doing “street runs” or from a 240v power outlet if attending an event. There is also a 12v Engel fridge/freezer used for cold drinks. The van was completely fitted out by us. It has plenty of cupboard space and overhead storage as well as specially made storage bins for wafer and waffle cones. The van has been fitted with a high-grade stainless steel benchtop that includes a sink with hand-pump water and a specially recessed compartment to hold ice-cream scoops. The sink is serviced by two 20-litre tanks under the counter that are used for fresh water and waste water. These are easily emptied and refilled by using the side door access. The passenger side sliding door allows for a very big serving counter when open, which is ideal for events. Alternatively, there is a smaller sliding window used when doing street runs. The work area floor is fully coved and covered in tough restaurant-grade linoleum. The van is currently “ticketed” and passed by Moree Plains Shire Council to work within the Moree Plains Shire. Unique Refrigeration System What makes this ice-cream van unique from others is the way it operates. A noisy generator is not needed at any time. The 12v freezers operate through an inverter while ever the van’s engine is idling, meaning they are constantly running when the van is mobile or stationary (if idling). This mode is used when doing street runs. Both freezers are powered by 12v deep cycle batteries that are in turn continuously charged by an on-board battery charger (when the van is connected to 240v) as well as solar panels on the roof. They are also charging while ever the van is running. The two on-board deep-cycle batteries are near-new. They replaced the old ones in late September, 2016. Power can quickly be converted to 240v when the van is stationary and attending events where 240v is available. There is a 15-amp external, all-weather power-point for this purpose and this will run everything on board when at events. If the van is attending an event that has no access to 240v power the van can be left idling and switched to 12v mode. If, for some reason, the van cannot be left idling, both freezers will operate directly from the deep-cycle batteries for between 15-20 hours. When the van is not operating and garaged or in the driveway at home, it can be switched to 240v mode and plugged into any 240v outlet. Both freezers work exceptionally well and are controlled by digital thermostats. They are currently set at -18 degrees maximum and -16 degrees minimum. This basically means that when the temperature reaches -18 the freezer will shut off. When the temperature drops to -16 degrees the freezer will re-start. This system is ideal and keeps the ice-cream at a “scoop-able” temperature at all times. The thermostats can be adjusted to any temperatures. It is truly a unique set-up that allows the refrigeration system and all on-board equipment to operate three different ways. As mentioned earlier, there is no need for any noisy generators. In Moree’s extreme heat, if the van is parked when not working and under direct sunlight, the freezer temperatures will drop to about -12 or -13 degrees simply because they are being made to work extremely hard. Ideally, in this type of extreme weather the van should be garaged or shaded under a carport if possible. In the four years we have owned the van we have spent a substantial amount of money upgrading and tweaking the 12v/240v operating system, which works like a dream. During this time both freezers have been fitted with new compressors and all wiring throughout the van has been re-done. Refrigeration work has been carried out – and maintained – by Michael Slack-Smith of Moree Air-conditioning and Refrigeration and all auto-electrical work has been carried out and maintained by Moree auto electrician Brock Hurcum. Van006   What needs to be changed if sold The van has extensive artwork (done locally by Belinda Shervey). This will need to be changed slightly if sold. For example our contact phone number and website address will need to be removed. The van is currently called “Deluxe Café Moree’s Cold Comforts”. We have no objection to any prospective buyer keeping the “Cold Comforts” name (it is well-established locally and well-known in the shire) but the “Deluxe Café Moree” will need to be removed. The ice-cream menu will need to be changed as well. Sign-writing can be adjusted and updated by Belinda at the cost of the purchaser. A time-frame to do this can be agreed upon between both parties. Our products We currently use Norgen-Vaaz scoop ice-cream, a top-of-the range product which we serve in a variety of ways. There are waffle and wafer cones, one-scoop cups we call little ‘uns and boats that can hold up to three scoops. We also sell milkshakes, traditional thickshakes, iced coffees and a variety of gourmet thickshakes that are created using the Norgen-Vaaz flavours with different toppings. We also get stock Golden North vanilla ice-cream from local supplier Mayco Foods. Mayco also stocks plastic spoons and plastic one-scoop cups, for kids who are not too keen on cones as well as Cottee’s milkshake toppings. The on-board Engel fridge also allows us to seel soft-drinks and bottle water. We buy our ice-cream weekly or as trade demands and also have a secondary freezer at home to ensure we have a good supply of stock on hand at all times. The beauty of ice-cream is its long-life, meaning use-by-dates are extensive. There is little or no chance of being “caught” with stock. Working Hours We generally do a set run each week for about two hours between 3.30pm and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, doing a different section of our home town each day. Starting before 3.30pm is pointless as kids aren’t home from school and any later than 5-30pm is getting a little too close to dinner-time, which can upset parents. Weekend hours are generally between around midday and 5.30pm, depending on the time of year. These hours can be worked during school holidays as well. There are also big events that can be attended like sports carnivals, market days, Christmas carnivals and race-days. Bush picnic race meetings are very good. The van can be operated by one person however at big events it can get hectic so a second person taking orders and handling change and sales is advisable. There are probably only about four-six weeks of the years where the van “shuts down” completely – right in the middle of winter. But in saying that, we have had huge days in the middle of June at events when the temperature has been around 18 degrees and sunny with no wind.  Van004   The Price We are asking $50,000 (GST inclusive) plus stock at valuation at time of sale, which I doubt would exceed $1000. If given notice of sale and after a deposit is made, the stock-on-hand can be wound back and the van purchased stock-free of that is what the buyer prefers. We will also be on hand for advice and training during your first couple of weeks. We are also negotiable to payment methods that could be beneficial to you. Contact us Phone or text Bill on 0448 203621 or email The van is also listed on ebay at