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(Media release December 9, 2014) Hospital (Media release December 9, 2013) NEW pieces of furniture for the chemotherapy room and oncology clinic are items that have been on the Moree Hospital’s wish-list for quite a while now – and with the help of Deluxe Café Moree’s generous customers, those wishes will become a reality in the New Year. The Deluxe Café, established five-and-a-half years ago by Bill and Cindy Poulos, introduced a counter-top tip jar on April 1, 2011 with all donations going toward projects planned for Moree Hospital. Now, as the fund-raising effort nears its third year, more than $7000 has been handed over. Moree Hospital CEO David Quirk says he is forever astounded by the generosity of the café’s clientele. “The Moree Health Service is very, very grateful for the continued financial support from the generous Moree community,” Mr Quirk said. “All funds received as community donations are banked into the hospital’s special purpose and trust account and are then used in accordance with the requests and wishes of the donor. “In the case of the donations from the clientele of Deluxe Café, these funds have been spent on equipment for the oncology and chemotherapy unit to improve the comfort and safety of patients and their families,” he said. “The demand for the local oncology service continues to grow and it is great that we can improve the patients’ experience with donations from the local community. “On behalf of the hospital, my sincere thanks go to Cindy and Bill and their generous customers,” he said.

David Quirk and Cindy Poulos

  Cindy Poulos said fund-raising efforts have exceeded all expectations. “When we started the tip jar we had hoped to raise about $1000 a year, and in the early days we talked about still being in business in 10 years’ time and raising $10,000,” Mrs Poulos laughed. “Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d reach more than $7000 in less than three years; we’ll go close to reaching that $10,000 mark by Christmas next year, the way it’s going. “It’s amazing just how generous the people of Moree are, especially when it comes to donating to their own,” she said. “We have one of the best hospitals in country NSW. The town is very lucky to have a facility like it, as well as the fantastic staff that keeps it humming along.” Deluxe Café donations for Moree Hospital – totally $7203 to December 9 – comes on the back of the ladder-leading $7768 raised earlier this year for Moree Relay for Life. “It’s great that nearly $15,000 has been handed over to Relay for Life and our local hospital’s  chemotherapy room and oncology clinic over the last two-and-a-half years or so, and just about all of it has been donated by our customers – they’re the most generous bunch of people in the world,” Mrs Poulos said. JillianAmy001 (Media release April 1, 2012) CUSTOMERS of Moree’s Deluxe Café have in just 12 months donated more than $1700 to the Moree Hospital’s special purpose fund through a special tip jar placed on the mobile coffee van’s counter. Deluxe Café owners Bill and Cindy Poulos set up the hospital tip jar on April 1 last year and to date $1726 has been raised that will benefit the hospital’s chemotherapy room and oncology clinic.Clinical nurse manager Bronwyn Cosh said both services – now in operation for two years – were established solely on donations, including $20,000 from the Breast Cancer Support Group as well as an anonymous donation. “Everything we have done with chemotherapy and oncology has been donated, and we’re up to about $30,000 at the moment,” Mrs Cosh said. “Dr Mathew George from Tamworth comes across and runs the clinic. We have the chemotherapy clinic every Tuesday and Thursday – two full days of chemo – and it has been going for two years now. “When we started we used to have nine or 10 treatments a month and now we have 40 treatments a month. “With oncology when we first started we had nine patients a month and now we have about 27. “Dr George brings his registrar with him, so it’s a fantastic service . . . fantastic,” she said. “The people that make all this happen are Dr George as well as the chemotherapy nurse Wendy Allen, admin clerk Linda Greenham and social worker Jann Tuart. “Dr George, Wendy and Linda have been with the chemotherapy room and oncology clinic since day one and Jann is there for every clinic as well,” Mrs Cosh said. Money raised by Deluxe Café customers will go toward the purchase of a refrigerator, microwave oven, urn and television set that will be used by both units. Deluxe Café owner Cindy Poulos said the tip jar had proved very popular with customers. “It’s nice to give the money to a worthy cause, especially something local,” Mrs Poulos said. “Customers are only too happy to throw in their loose change when they realise the money is going to the hospital and really, it’s the customers donating the money, not us. “We started out hoping that we might raise a small amount each week that would eventually add up to a large amount over time. “We had originally hoped to have about $1000 raised in the first 12 months, but that’s nearly doubled – it’s been a fantastic response from our customers,” she said.  

Bronwyn Cosh (left) with Cindy Poulos and the Deluxe Cafe's second installment. A third will be presented this year.

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